Become a Certified Color Aroma™ Therapist

Image of Become a Certified Color Aroma™ Therapist

Receive a Color Aroma Therapist Certificate PLUS Get a Basic Professional Color Aroma Practitioner Kit PLUS Wholesale Discounts on Color Aroma Oils, Mists, and Kits.

You Will Learn:

The Language of Color™ and the healing benefits of 13 key color energies
Comprehensive overview and teaching of the chakra centers
Chakra clues and insights to help you determine which centers need attention
How to relate the Color Aroma Oils and Mists to the Chakras
Why Color Aroma Therapy is so powerful and important in healing
In depth overview of the subtle energy body including the Aura
When and why to treat the Aura
The unique methodology of Color Aroma Therapy with Color Aroma
Complete Color Aroma Product Training for 20 products (12 Color Aroma Oils and 8 Color Aroma Mists)
Energy Healing Overview of 26 aromatic essential oils
How to Utilize the Color Aroma in Sessions
How to Create Healing Affirmations
How to Write Color Prescriptions (a Conscious Colors exclusive)